With the help of our key strategic partners we currently serve more than 300 government entities and private sector companies, through a highly experienced team of over 1100 technical professionals who exceed the expectations of our clients on a regular basis.

EJADA’s expertise and passion for excellence have positioned us among the leading IT service providers across the governmental, financial, educational and telecommunication sectors.

Besides, we have paved the way for expansion of our business to other targeted sectors, such as healthcare and transportation.

Skilled, Reliable & Dynamic Workforce

Intellectual Capital

Reputed and skilled consultants led by experienced management with decades of regional IT sector experience
  • Solid senior management team comprised of seasoned industry experts with strong reputation and experience in the region and majority have been with the Company since inception
  • Workforce is predominantly built of core technical consultants with Arabic speaking multilingual ability known for their technical expertise and high commitment
  • Our strong human capital is a unique proposition due to our ability to understand and deliver complex projects
  • The perfect mix of young and experienced experts helps us setting and achieving goals and objectives for your business.
  • Our people are the most valuable assets at Ejada

Our family is our secret to success. The EJADA’s family is all about commitment, dedication, and loyalty with a common target focused on a brighter future.